Outstanding. Great vision towards the 'new' views.
Intensive and inspirational.
My whole management team should have been here.
Fantastic workshop. An absolute must for any entrepreneur considering an exit at any point in the life of a company.
Very valuable & explicit/specifically guiding. Great format
Basil Peters is sufficient reason to attend.
Worth spending the time, every Business owner must attend.
If you are considering selling your company you should attend this seminar just to learn what questions to ask.
Well worthwhile event - lots to learn about Exit Strategy.
A great workshop, particularly for CEO's, that gives a great overview of the exit process for a company with some great key pieces of information given throughout the day.
An efficient way to learn a lot about exits in a short time.
Essential if you're a founder. (Though part of me wants to keep this knowledge to myself!)
Well organized and very informative. Liked the food. Can't believe how much I didn't know - GO!
EVERY business owner should attend this workshop.
Crash course on how to sell your company.
Yes, especially owners 3+ years from exit to get them thinking/planning early.
Very well done & thought provoking.
Very interesting knowledge about all aspects of an Exit. Basil is great, and an excellent presenter.
Lots of excellent information.
Excellent - go to it.
Great networking event. Worthwhile attending.
A must do workshop.
Great seminar overall. Pace was good, great speakers.
I would tell people to definitely attend!
This is a crucial seminar for every entrepreneur seeking to raise capital.
Great to have so many people w/real stories & actual experience. Too many seminars w/out real experience.
Super excellent speakers! (experience/delivery).
Basil & Mike V are fantastic speakers & know their stuff.
Worth coming - Basil is the highlight.
Must attend.
Great idea to attend. Plan for an exit from the start.
Very valuable, informative, more than one new nugget!
Very helpful.
Most informative.
Take the workshop before starting your next venture.
Very informative. A lot of work ahead.
Get your feet wet and get a feel for what it takes to sell.
Should be aware of this earlier rather than later.
Well worth attending.
Very useful.
Good use of a day. Find out what you don't know.
It was great.
Great seminar & a 'must' attend. Valuable info and good networking.
I wish all lawyers could be this clear.
I think the workshop does a splendid job of lining up the tasks & intangibles of selling your business with success.
Great info. Day well spent although a day of school after so long was an experience.
I'd tell people to participate sooner, rather than later.
Lots of content, comprehensive coverage for time allotted.
Points very good road map toward exit decisions and how to prepare for exit.
Yes, you need it too!
Helpful to many people.
A great primer to begin your business journey.
Excellent session. Leverages expert knowledge.
Recommend to all clients that are looking to sell.
The Parasun Exit segment was fantastic! So great to get an actual account of how it works. Thank you very much Barry for your candor and honesty. It is so much appreciated.
It was great hearing different perspectives. Good group of speakers.
A worthwhile experience.
This was a very informative session with very capable & senior speakers
Very worthwhile for all SMEs.
Almost everything was perfect. Great workshop.
Steve's info was great!
Axel is great!!
An excellent day; time well spent. Time keeping excellent.
Very informative & good value for the time and money.
All was great - very interesting.
Very down to earth, honest reality check.
Practical, comprehensive and catered to our intelligence. The thought put into the progressive topics was genius.
Excellent line-up of professionals & very comprehensive.