How can I ensure that my company is in the 25% of saleable companies that successfully exit?

We think it's terrible that only 25% of companies that could be sold actually end up having a "happy" or successful exit. This workshop will give you the knowlege and tools to ensure that your company is ultimately successful.


Is this workshop only for companies that are planning to exit in the near future?

No - the ideal time to attend the exit strategies workshop is before the first external investment in your company. In the workshop you'll learn that different types of investors are compatible with different exit strategies.


Will this workshop be valuable to me if my company is not a technology company?

Yes - the content in the Exit Strategies Workshop applies to all types of companies. The material will be more applicable to companies with a a valuation over $5 million. Companies with lower valuations have slightly different exit options and processes.


Who should attend this workshop?

If you own shares in a private company, this workshop will make you money. It might even change your life.


Do you have any online videos of previous Exits Strategies Workshops?

Yes, several videos from previous Exits Strategies Workshops in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Banff and Vancouver are online here.