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"Fantastic workshop. An absolute must for any entrepreneur considering an exit at any point in the life of a company."

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Date: Tues. Sept. 16, 2014
Time: 8am - 5pm
At: SFU Harbour Centre,
7th floor, Room 7000
515 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC
Price: $345 - Final Registration

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$345 - Final Registration

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Workshop Materials

Early Exits by Basil Peters

Each attendee receives a free copy of Basil Peters' book, Early Exits; and a 150+ page workbook with all the presentations, and a comprehensive section of related reading materials.

Why Attend this Workshop?

"If you own shares in a private company, this workshop will make you money"

Exits have changed dramatically in the past decade. These changes have transformed how companies are being financed.

Every company should have an exit strategy. This workshop explains why, and addresses the importance of having an exit strategy before a company starts looking for investors. Most entrepreneurs don't realize they will be unsuccessful at raising money with a poorly described exit strategy (or worse, no exit strategy at all).

Exits are the least well understood part of being an investor or entrepreneur. In reality, the exit is actually just another business process. Done right, the valuation and timeline are just as predictable as other, more familiar, business processes like hiring, product development or marketing. This workshop will teach you how to design and execute an optimum exit for your company.

You'll also learn why only one quarter of the companies that could be successfully sold actually end up exiting - and why missing the optimum time to exit usually means the company fails completely.

The Fall 2012 Exits Workshop sold out 10 days beforehand, with registrants from California, Ohio, Ontario, Idaho, Alberta and Washington.

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Basil PetersSteve LukasPrentice DurbinAxel ChristiansenJason Neale

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