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Thousands have attended physical Early Exits workshops at conferences and universities. This is the first time it has been offerred virtually. All you need to attend is a web browser and webcam.


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Current Price: US$995

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Linda here or phone (778) 384-1372.

workshop materials

Each attendee receives a copy of:

1. Basil Peters' book Early Exits, and

2. A workbook with all the presentations and a comprehensive section of related reading materials.

Why Attend this Workshop?

"Only 25% of saleable companies successfully exit"

Yes, 75% of the time, after entrepreneurs and investors build a saleable company, we blow it and fail to successfully exit. When we miss the ideal time to exit, the most likely end result is that the company will fail - completely.

This workshop will explain why this happens so frequently and give you the skills and knowledge to maximize the probabilities that your company is among those that are ultimately successful.

"Exits are the least well understood part of being an entrepreneur or investor"

The primary reason exits are so poorly understood is simply because they don't happen very often. In reality, the exit is actually just another business process. Done right, the valuation and time line are just as predictable as other, more familiar, business processes like hiring, product development, financings or marketing campaigns. This workshop will teach you how to design and execute an optimum exit for your company.

"If you own shares in a private company, this workshop will make you money"

Exits have changed dramatically in the past decade. These changes have transformed how companies are being financed and sold. If you're a founder, equity incentivized employee or investor, this workshop will make you more money for your equity.

Read feedback from our past attendees here and videos from previous workshops here.

Our Speakers

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Basil Peters
Strategic Exits Corp.

Basil Peters is an M&A advisor and angel investor. He believes exits are the most fun part of being an entrepreneur or investor.... [more]


Steve Lukas
Harper Grey

Steve Lukas, partner, conducts a diverse practice, advising international, national and small business, as well as individuals, in a broad range of ...[more]


Axel Christiansen
Renaissance Group

Axel Christiansen is Managing Director, Growth & Transition Capital in our Vancouver office with responsibility for all of British Columbia and Yukon. [more]

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